HE Green Propolis is designed to supply the most demanding markets and consumers,  produced with raw material of the highest quality: Ultra Green and Super Green, guaranteeing to offer our consumers an excellent product of high standard,  natural and without intervention of chemicals through its production process.

Manufactured by selected Green Propolis derived from the mountain regions of Minas Gerais, with enriched flora of Alecrim do Campo (species of Rosemary), HE Green Propolis combines a large amount of flavonois, phenolic compounds and Artepillin C, making it a great ally with antibacterial properties that helps in fighting against the radicals* and maintaining the immune system healthy.


Antibacterial Property

Propolis presents a high degree of efficiency in fighting the action of a range of bacteria and microorganisms that are harmful to the human health.

Antiviral Property
Propolis is known to have an excellent effect against several viruses, in cases like herpes, colds and sore throats, for example.

 Antifungal Property

Propolis is also proven to be a great antifungal, which makes it an extremely necessary product for the treatment of scalps, mycoses, chilblains and athlete’s foot (tinea pedis).

Antiinflammatory Property
Another proven property is the anti-inflammatory action, which allows the product to be effective against arthritis and rheumatisms.

Antioxidant Property
The antioxidant capacity of própolis is resposible for fighting radicals (aging) and preventing the mutation of genetic material.

The anesthetic action of própolis is very efficient inthe fight against sore thorats, tonsilitis, toothaches, etc.

The US National Cancer Institute conducted a research that pointed to an important anticancer activity in some types of própolis, once it not only inhibited the growth of cancer cells but also partially destroyed some of those existing cells.

Propolis acts as na immunostimulator, responsible for stimulating the production antibodies, strengthening the immune systems and acting on the resistance agains diseases and infections.